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October 28, 2022 209 mins
TRUE CRIME - On this episode we discuss a harrowing case of abuse and revenge; two brothers who killed their parents in a brutal and meticulously premeditated manner were paraded across the mainstream media as cold hearted killers. During the televised case however, the extent of the sexual and psychological abuse they suffered was described in sickening detail and the motivations for their actions became that much more murkily motivated. This time we are talking about The Menendez Brothers. Raised in an affluent California family, Lyle and Erik Menendez were what some would call privileged; but their upbringing was anything but idyllic. Their father Jose and mother Kitty were successful but cruel, and the very thing that made the brothers a success was the thing they despised. Verbal and psychical abuse was meeted out on them from both parents and when they finally snapped and killed them both in a shotgun bloodbath, the world looked on with disgust. Lawyer Leslie Abramson, who advocated for the boys in court during their lengthy televised trial, was visibly appalled and angered at the abuse they suffered. This 1993/1994 trial called more witnesses than any other murder trial in history and ended up with no satisfying solution; going to another trial which led to the conviction of the two brothers who still reside in prison. A very strange and sad case that deserves discussion; not least to shine a light on the victims of domestic and sexual abuse; but on the voyeuristic and cruel nature of modern mainstream media. ________________________ Joining me on this episode is comedian and raconteur Danny O'Brien; now world famous, has gigged everywhere from Dublin to Dubai, from Clonmel to Costa Rica. His undeniable charm and ferocious work ethic has propelled him to the top of the Irish comedy scene and far beyond. You can follow Danny on all social media @dobcomedy or click this handy one to get tickets and updates of his live shows! Great craic on this one with Danny! ________________________ If you want to follow TCG on social platforms including the TCG Guilded Server; watch video versions of the livestream podcast and documentaries; or even join in on live chats about current events; buy TCG merch; get notifications of tickets you can buy to upcoming live stage shows or any other way to connect with me; all the available links, info and instructions you can find by clicking this link If you want to throw a few bucks up the internet to support the show on Patreon you can get exclusive Patreon-Only content; all seasons of ad-free episodes; exclusive access to live chats and private social media like Instagram and Guilded and a whole load of other stuff click here where you can get all this from just $2 per month subscription or an annual one-time payment with a month free! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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