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March 24, 2024 97 mins
A huge week in gaming with some major releases all occurring on the same day and also big gaming news with GDC and PAX East happening this week as well.

Right before recording Square-Enix had their Final Fantasy XVI: Rising Tide DLC panel and they gave some new info on what we'll be doing in the DLC, an all-important release date and so much more! Sean tries to go through the gist of it, probably much to Marc's chagrin.

Although the guys aren't playing any of the big games just yet, Marc did finally get to play Granblue Fantasy Relink and Sean finished the main story of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and also tried out the new Performance Mode Sharp as well.

There's a ton of news including the U.S. Dept of Justice Suing Apple over Monopolistic practices which include Cloud gaming. Capcom once again being in hot water of its microtransactions, Helldivers 2 is the best-selling game of February 2024, PSVR 2 halting production amid overstock concerns, Larian dropping Baldur's Gate for something new, and much more!

Marc's Final Fantasy VII Rebirth:

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00:01:00: START

00:02:30: Housekeeping and Intro

-------------- What's in the News -------------

00:06:25: Dragon's Dogma 2 Comes under fire for the way it does its Microtransactions

00:19:35: PlayStation 5 Pro DLSS feature, PSSR, gets more details

00:23:05: Sony halts production on PSVR 2 due to overstock

00:33:40: Amy Henning and New Skydance get to show off Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra

00:36:00: Connie Booth joins EA as Group General Manager of RPG's

00:39:40: Blizzard may cancel the singleplayer for Overwatch 2 Completely

00:43:20: Kotaku EIC Resigns over changes in focus of website from news to guides

00:52:20: Baldur's Gate 3 Wins Big at GDC Awards, Sven Vincke makes statement afterwards

00:53:40: Larian Studios drops Baldur's Gate franchise and opts for to make something new

01:00:45: Velan Studio may have to layoff 46 workers because of a canceled major project

01:02:20: U.S. Dept of Justice sues Apple over monopolistic practices in five areas and one of them is cloud gaming

01:12:05: Remedy says they are looking to make even more Alan Wake and Control games

01:13:55: Valve introduces an improved Steam Family Game Sharing

01:15:55: Microsoft is redoing Xbox Rewards on Console

01:17:10: The Sims Movie is in the works by the same studio that made the Barbie Movie

--------------- Final Fantasy Section ---------------

01:19:40: Sean gives details on the new announcements about the FF 16 Rising Tide DLC

01:23:50: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's Patch is finally out with a new Performance Mode toggle

01:25:15: Sean's final thoughts on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth after beating the game

---------------- The End -------------

01:32:40: Marc's thoughts on Granblue Fantasy Relink & Talks X-Men 97

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