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March 31, 2024 80 mins
After a week that saw some big releases and exciting announcements, we have a week of interesting announcements, and more layoffs, Gearbox is free from Embracer Group, and Phil Spencer has a big interview talking about Xbox. Sean and Marc discuss it all in this edition of Video Games 2 the MAX.

Phil Spencer had an interview with Polygon while at the Game Developer's Conference (links further below in the description) where he speaks about all sorts of things including wanting PC storefronts like Epic Games and on Xbox, the cost prohibition of exclusives, a potential Xbox handheld, and more! Could this be a potential lifespring for Xbox? Or is this all essentially wish-listing from Phil?

Marvel Rivals was suddenly announced and seems to take a lot of its inspiration from Overwatch. With Overwatch 2 in a bad spot, could a game from a big IP like Marvel overtake it and become the Defacto hero shooter?

Also, Gearbox is sold to Take-Two Interactive, Resident Evil 9 could be open-world, layoffs at several SEGA European studios, and other places such as Nintendo of America and Certain Affinity. New details on the codename Condor game from Remedy and more!

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00:01:00: START

00:01:55: Housekeeping

----------------- Games We Are Playing ------------

00:04:05: Granblue Fantasy Relink (Marc)

00:14:30: Random Stuff from FFVII Rebirth (Sean)

--------------- What's Going on in the News -----------

00:17:45: Gearbox is sold to Take-Two Interactive for a cool $460 Million

------------- BIG Topic ------------

00:23:30: Phil Spencer Really Wants an Xbox Handheld and PC Storefronts on Xbox

00:47:45: Marvel Rivals Announced

------------- What's in the News Part 2 ----------

00:58:55: Resident Evil 9 Could Be Open-World

01:04:35: Remedy gives info on the Control Multiplayer game, Codename Condor

01:08:50: Earthblade gets delayed to 2025

01:09:50: SEGA sells off Relic Entertainment and lays off 240 employees, Smilegate Barcelona to lose its entire staff, Nintendo of America lays off 120 contract workers, and Creative Assembly has layoffs too

------------- The End ----------

01:19:00: Games Coming out this week

---------- News Story Links ---------

Phil Spencer's big interview with Polygon at GDC:

Phil's thoughts on the industry and why Microsoft had to do layoffs:

Phil talks A LOT about a potential handheld:

Phil wants Epic Games Store, Itch.Io and other PC Stores on Xbox:

Gearbox gets sold to Take-Two Interactive:

Sega Sells Off Relic Entertainment and lays off 240 employees:

Marvel Rivals Announced:

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