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February 18, 2024 88 mins
Randy Isbelle joins Sean and Marc on this week's big episode, as Microsoft had its business update and wound up announcing four games will be coming to other console platforms. And while they did not announce which ones they are, reports are already out there that namedrop Hi-Fi Rush, Sea of Thieves, Grounded, and Pentiment as the four coming over. There's also new console hardware being worked on and even announcements coming in the fall regarding a possible mid-gen thing. Should this be enough to calm the fears? Or is this just the start of a whole new strategy for Xbox?

On the other side, a recent earnings report from Sony had their president, CFO, and COO Hiroki Totoki state that no major franchise exclusives are coming in 2024, that they need to be more mindful of business when it comes to developing games, and even mentions being more aggressive about PC. Could Sony also be looking at modifying their strategy a bit?

Unfortunately, layoffs and bad news also continue with Embracer Group once again leading the way in both categories and now in making terrible statements concerning these layoffs as well. Bandai Namco also admits they had to cancel games amid big losses. What does this say about where the industry is right now? And how has Nintendo seemingly been able to stay above all of it?

Plus, Sean's been playing the newly released Banishers: Ghost of New Eden, Marc's been playing Persona 3 Reload, Regency Solitaire 2, and the Pacific Drive Demo. Nintendo may not release the Switch until Q1 2025, a Mandalorian game is coming from Respawn and more!

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00:01:00: START

00:02:45: Housekeeping

------------------ MAIN TOPIC --------------

00:05:15: Discussion on the Xbox Business Update and discussing Xbox's subtle new strategy

00:28:55: Sony may be more aggressive with putting games on PC in the future

---------------- Games We Are Playing ------------

00:45:25: Persona 3 Reload (Marc)

00:50:40: Pacific Drive Demo (Marc)

00:52:25: Startruckers Demo (Marc)

00:53:40: Banishers: Ghost of New Eden (Sean)

00:57:40: Turnip Boy Robs a Bank & Final Fantasy VII Remake (Randy)

------------------- What's in the News ---------------

01:03:30: Yoshitaka Moriyama passes away

01:05:35: Bandai Namco had to cancel some games and didn't have great earnings

01:08:40: Embracer Group gives more details on how close they are to ending the restructuring

01:12:40: ZA/UM cancels Disco Elysium expansion and incurs some layoffs

01:14:25: Respawn is working on a Mandalorian Star Wars game

01:18:45: Nintendo Switch 2 May Not Release until Spring 2025

---------------- The End ----------

01:24:10: Games Coming out this week

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