Content Creation Made Easy

Content Creation Made Easy

Step off the content marketing dreadmill with realistic, simple, & SUSTAINABLE strategies to put into place…no matter what kind of content you create! Video? Blogs? Socials? Emails? Wherever you show up for your audience, there’s an EASIER way to do it that feels GOOD for who YOU are… This podcast is all about helping you feel more like YOU in your content - without one-size-fits all rules that never worked for you anyway. If you’re ready for content creation & marketing to BE EASIER - and, dare we say it, actually FUN - then you’re ready for CCME!


May 19, 2022 32 min

Coupla things you need to know about using email as part of your marketing plan...

(Whether you like email personally or not):

  • It’s NOT dead.
  • You’re not BOTHERING people with your emails

  • It might be hard to believe, given the huge push of short-form video video video, but emails still a VITAL part of building a relationship with your audience.

    How’s your email approach working? How’s the relationship you have with your email community?


    Mark as Played

    Whether you have zero ideas or you’re an endless fountain of them, you’ll benefit from listening to today’s episode.

    Today Jen unpacks 2 different type of idea generators - those who have ALL the ideas and those who have NONE of the ideas…

    No matter which you are, you’ll learn how to capture & use your ideas more easily & effectively…

    You’ll ALSO understand how to take those ideas & make 'em go further for you in your ...

    Mark as Played

    Even though Jen is always searching for the Easy Button, she’s not always very good at finding it.

    (Are you?) If you'd like to create more ease with your content's episode is up your alley.

    Since we NEED to create content & 'do' marketing...

    we've got to make it as simple & uncomplicated as possible to keep going!

    That's why in this week’s episode of Content Creation Made Easy, Jen expl...

    Mark as Played

    Sheryl is filled with TONS of content ideas, but they ‘hover in her brain” - then, another thought floods in & then another…

    EVERYTHING seems important to write about - so before she can take action on the idea she’s already had, it winds up sitting in her brain, replaced by the idea that comes after it!

    This creates overwhelm & panic - knowing she’s NOT doing anything with the ideas is frustrating because ultimately, Sheryl ...

    Mark as Played

    There are things I don’t like doing in my own content: creating REELS and pitching myself to the media.

    The dislike comes from pure fear - so I put myself through two experiments:

  • Can I learn how to like Reels? Do I need to? And if so, will it have an impact on my business?
  • Can I find a way to pitch & tell my story to media, journalists, & other content creators? And if so, can I do it in a way that feels good to me?

  • In today’s...

    Mark as Played

    Building an audience can take a looooong time, which is why you want to consider adding using other people’s platforms (OPP) to your marketing strategy!

    Remember - you’re an expert with a unique perspective - even if you can’t see it for yourself.

    That’s why today Jen interviews pitching strategist & expert Adela Hussain!

    Adela’s expertise & laser-sharp thinking will have your brain firing all the ideas of ways you can use wha...

    Mark as Played

    What would make someone abandon a launch content marketing formula everyone knows “works”?

    If content, marketing, launching, funnels, & sales have you wondering about “Is this IT? Is this the way it HAS to be?”

    Today’s episode is gonna soothe your soul!

    Because - NO. It’s not the way it HAS to be.

    In Episode 164, Patty Lennon, intuitive coach, & Jen take a stroll down an honest, unpaved path talking about all things Imperfect L...

    Mark as Played

    You've been there? The EXHAUSTION after you launch a new product or service?

    The absolute "I'm SO SICK of this THING" by the time you get to the open cart phase?

    Let's not even talk about the stress, the fear, and the waiting that you're dealing with!

    Here's the BIG question: Is it possible to make LAUNCHING easier, simpler?

    YES! When we put our CONTENT into play and let it do the heavy lifting for us!

    Meet l...

    Mark as Played

    Am I doing this right? Is this OK? I should.. What if... Maybe I need to think about...

    If you are OVER the OVERthinking that keeps you from taking action, getting your sh*T done, and living the life you dream about...

    Today's episode is for YOU.

    You will walk away knowing:

  • Whether it's overthinking or perfectionism that's getting in your way (or is it something ELSE?)
  • Ways to stop beating yourself up - and learn how to lean...
  • Share
    Mark as Played

    Like it or not, it’s not going away: short-form content!

    Reels, TikTok, YouTube Shorts are here to stay. Get used to it.

    But what if you hate dancing? Lip synching? Think you're too old for the nonsense?

    Can you still use this extremely popular content delivery method - which people spend HOURS consuming?

    YES. Let's talk about HOW & if it's RIGHT for you.

    Meet Short Form Video Content Expert, Nika Stewart! She & Jen ...

    Mark as Played

    You have a lot of ideas - and you just want them out of your head.

    But instead of it all coming together, you can’t seem to get them out into the world.

    Whatever it is: a program, a course, some content, a lead magnet - it’s all living in a swirl inside your mind…

    Why is this so hard? Why does it take so freakin’ long?

    This is the problem Jen explores today on Content Creation Made Easy - what to do when you’re filled up with ideas and...

    Mark as Played

    Have you ever felt like hiding from your content because it feels too invasive or scary to share yourself with your audience?

    Are we supposed to give our audience a front row seat into EVERYTHING we do in our lives?

    What if we’re PRIVATE? What if we want a BREAK?

    Should we just give up, hide, or rage against the machine?

    No need. Today we talk about how to be both transparently ourselves - without losing our boundaries!

    Let’s talk about...

    Mark as Played

    What’s the point of putting all your delicious content out in the world if no one’s gonna take a bite?

    You create content to CONNECT with your audience so you can EVENTUALLY convert them to customers…

    Let’s not pretend this isn’t a Big Freakin’ Deal - conversions are the REASON we’re in business.

    Making money from clients is necessary - otherwise we have, you know, an expensive hobby!

    So, today you’ll hear Jen as she coaches Matilda Bu...

    Mark as Played
    February 17, 2022 38 min

    “I’m just not a good writer! So I hate creating content…” Ummmmm.

    Sound like anyone you know?

    Copywriting is not optional for creating content of any type - so if you lack confidence in this area, no wonder you find it all such a challenge!

    Is it possible to learn this stuff - without another certification or degree?

    And what if you’re not ready to hire a copywriter? Should you just give up?

    Come ON! No way! We’ve only got GOOD NEWS for...

    Mark as Played

    After suffering through the first half of winter FREEZING in her home office - complaining…frustrated…angry…and finally resentful…

    Jen finally went searching for a solution that didn’t cost too much and did the trick to solve the problem.

    She learned 3 lessons that - upon examination - she realized ALSO work with the top 3 content marketing problems she sees her clients struggling with all the time.

    Tune in today to get your hands on ...

    Mark as Played

    The outcome of our marketing content is far reaching and - unfortunately - often not immediately evident!

    We know we've gotta show up with our words, ideas, & insights…but too often it feels like a waste of time.

    How do we create positive ripple effects - for both ourselves & our audiences - and REDUCE negative ripple effects made by our choices when we feel like we're 'doing it wrong' or wasting time?

    Let’s be...

    Mark as Played

    Two problems arise when trying to take action on your content:

  • "I don’t know how to CONCISELY articulate what I do."
  • "I don’t know how to say it in a way that ALSO gets my audience excited."

  • No wonder creating content feels so tough!

    When it feels impossible to clearly express what you do, who you help, and why people should follow & hire you - well - you'd naturally want to avoid that!

    So how to stop feeling lik...

    Mark as Played

    Creating content INSIDE your programs? WHAAAA?

    When you finally launch your course, membership, or program - and you get the clients IN there…

    The need for content is STILL vital - but it changes a bit.

    Inside your programs, you need to build trust & relationships while communicating a LOT of information.

    It's very possible you might forget or assume something - and miss a chance to help your audience.

    The need for great content...

    Mark as Played

    Do you feel invisible - like putting content out isn't even worth it?

    And...when someone asks you, "What do you do?" - do you stutter OR have a five-minute explanation?

    If feel like you're so generic that you're lost in the ocean of a million other YOUs...

    Then your brand message is too MEH!

    How do you go from MEH to YEAH!!! Messaging?

    That's what we're talkin' about today on Content Creation Made Easy:


    Mark as Played

    There’s NO one right way to “do content”.

    We create a goal, decide on a strategy, and choose the tactics that feel best for us.

    But what happens when you get stuck in a vortex of “I don’t wanna!!”?

    When marketing + content feels like it’s too hard, too much work, and not working anyway?

    What about when you’re overwhelmed by all of the options & possibilities?

    This week, Jen explores how that wanting to give up is very real - and...

    Mark as Played

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