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5 Ways to Become Motivated

December 27, 201620 min
Motivation can be hard to come by, especially if you're living a stressed-out, frenzied life.Motivation can be hard to come by, especially if you're living a stressed-out, frenzied life. And, just because you accomplish tasks throughout the day, doesn't mean you have motivation.Joyce Knudsen, PhD, author of the book, Refusing to Quit, joins hosts Andrea and Lisa to share her five steps to ramp up your motivation.1) Think about purpose. Most people don't have one, or aren't focused enough on one. Start by performing deeds that improve the lives of others. You can have more than one purpose, but you have to complete one before moving on to the next.2) Pretend that you've already reached your goal. Visualize yourself achieving that goal. Focus on the appreciation of success, rather than the obstacles.3) Talk to a positive and supportive friend. Social media can be a beneficial avenue for syncing up with people who are like-minded and who might be able to share their own experiences. Unfortunately, women are often unsupportive of other women, so seek out a support system that really cares and can lift you up.4) Read inspiring books that feature success stories. There is an unlimited supply of information out there; find an author who speaks to you. 5) Create positive energy rituals. Start your day with a practice that clears your mind and sets the stage for the day, such as guided meditation. 

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