The Breakfast Club

Amanda Seales / Deray Davis Interivew and More

January 27, 201986 min
1/25/19- The Breakfast Club special guest today was  Amanda Seales this mornining, who is a friend to the room, and the second black woman to have a HBO special! During the interview she spoke on how her special came about, certain jokes told in the special, and even exposed some men you may have known that tried to sabotage her career. Also, Deray Davis stopped by and spoke about his relationships, his stand- up and more. Moreover, when it comes to Charlamagne's "Donkey of the Day", he was very saddened that he had to give it to a pastor from his own state South Carolina, because he strangled a pregnant woman at the church.  Learn more about advertising on the HowStuffWorks podcasts at to learn about your ad choices when listening to podcasts, visit

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