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Breathe Again: The Best of Toni Braxton album art

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Do It
Another Sad Love Song
Breathe Again
Love Shoulda Brought You Home
Hurt You


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    May 2020 • 3 songs

  • Do It

    May 2020 • 1 song

  • Do It

    Apr 2020 • 1 song

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    Toni Braxton was one of the most popular and commercially successful female R&B singers of the '90s, thanks to her ability to straddle seemingly opposite worlds. Braxton was soulful enough for R&B audiences, but smooth enough for adult contemporary; sophisticated enough for adults, but sultry enough for younger listeners; strong enough in the face of heartbreak to appeal to women, but ravishing enough to nab the fellas. Wielding such broad appeal, Braxton managed to score not one, but two albums that sold over eight million copies; naturally, they were accompanied by a long st...
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