Steve Harvey's Reactions To This Creepy Contortionist Are Everything

By Dave Basner

March 23, 2018

As host of Showtime at the Apollo, Steve Harvey has seen his share of good acts and not so good acts, plus acts that awe him and acts that disappoint him, but no matter what he's watching, you can always tell what he's thinking because of his perfect facial expressions, and at no time was that more true than when he watched Tony James perform on a recent episode. 

Tony James is very flexible - so much so that the contortionist can do things that you've probably only thought could happen in horror films. While the audience's responses to Tony's bending are priceless, Steve manages to steal the show with his reactions.  

As if it couldn't get any better, when Tony was done (after he got a standing ovation), Steve asked the audience, "What is he?" then said, "Ain't nobody fitting to have a baby with him... have that thing come out crawl all around the damn delivery room." 

You can catch more of Steve on Showtime at the Apollo, Thursday nights at 8 PM Eastern on FOX.  

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