Teen Buys All Of Shop's Cupcakes To Spite Fat-Shamer

By Dave Basner

April 5, 2018

Fat-shaming seems to be an epidemic. Strangers think it's okay to give their opinions about other people's weight when it is none of their business. Often times, this leads to the victims either getting sad or lashing out with an online post - rarely do we get to read about one of the victims getting some kind of epic revenge on their shamer... until now. 

A Starbucks barista named Vega Blossom headed to her local bakery after learning that there was a sale on everything. The woman in front of her was taking a long time to get a cake and the impatient lady behind Vega was rudely talking about it. Once the woman got her cake and it was Vega's turn to make a purchase, she overheard the person behind her tell someone, "Thank god, now let's hope this fat bitch doesn't buy all the cupcakes."

What Vega did next makes her a hero. 

Tonight, i was really petty. So i saw on fb that a local bakery was having a sale on everything before they close...

Posted by Vega Blossom on Saturday, March 31, 2018

Vega, who was only going to buy a half dozen cupcakes, instead bought up all the remaining treats just to stick it to the woman behind her. She wrote on Facebook, "I spent $54 on cupcakes just to be a bitch."  

The comments on her post are filled with people wanting to be her new BFF:

Hopefully stories like this will put an end to fat-shaming.

Photo Credit: Getty

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