Offset Hospitalized After Serious Car Crash

By Isha Thorpe

May 17, 2018

Offset was involved in a terrible car accident late Wednesday (May 16) night in Atlanta, Georgia that left his car completely destroyed.

We're not sure about the details of the crash yet. But, we do know that the Migos rapper's green Dodge Challenger had to be towed away from the scene of the accident. As for Offset, the recording artist was taken to the hospital to be treated for minor, non life threatening injuries. He was soon released from medical care and doctors confirmed that he was OK.

TMZ claims that the rapper's fiancée, Cardi B, rushed to the hospital before Offset was released because she wanted to make sure that he was alright. "According to law enforcement, no cops or emergency medical workers were called to the crash scene, and no accident report was taken," TMZ reports. "Offset's wrecked car was towed away afterward."

The news outlet adds that no one else is believed to be a part of the accident because there has yet to be any type of police report filed. 

We're definitely glad that Offset is doing fine. His car looks extremely banged up and just downright demolished. So, things could've ended up being way worse than they really were. Thankfully, he's good and Cardi B's future husband will still make his way to the altar to marry his love in the near future. 

Look at a photo of Offset's wrecked car here

Photo: Getty Images


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