Creepy Taxi Driver's Texts Make A Mom Feel Violated

By Dave Basner

February 19, 2019

Most taxi rides are uneventful and passengers leave the car never really thinking about it again. It's what happened to one mom in Australia named Natasha, but early the next morning, a series of texts changed all that and left her feeling "violated, creeped out and unsafe." She told her story to a local radio station, explaining how at 5:30 a.m. the day after her cab ride, her driver messaged her saying, "If you need taxi tell me I come get you." She responded by asking who it was and the sender revealed himself to be her cab driver. She immediately questioned him about how he got her number and he told her his dispatcher gave it to him.

Remembering how the driver made her feel slightly "unsettled" during the ride by asking her about her house, she got really anxious. She told him how what he has done was a violation of her privacy and that it's made her extremely uncomfortable.

Upset by the situation, Natasha reached out to the taxi company to report the driver's inappropriate behavior, making sure to note how she never gave permission to have her number given out.

The company responded, apologizing but adding that they "are not with the drivers 24/7" and that they "rely on and trust the drivers have better judgement and that the driver does the right thing and respect a customer's privacy."

Since telling her story and posting it on social media, Natasha said four women have contacted her with similar stories about the same driver. She stated, "I think this driver is a risk to women's safety. I don't think he should be driving with the company."

The taxi company says they will be handling the situation internally.

Photo: Getty Images

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