Man Discovers Creepy Box Hidden In Girlfriend's Closet - Just Like In 'You'

By Dave Basner

March 5, 2019

No matter how long you date someone, there are likely things about them you don't know. Sometimes the things are small, like a food they don't enjoy, but sometimes they are big, like really big. That's what happened to the character "Beck" on the hit Lifetime/Netflix series You. *Spoiler Alert* "Beck" was in love with her boyfriend, "Joe," who she thought was the greatest guy ever until she stumbled upon a box hidden in the ceiling of his bathroom that contained some disturbing items which proved "Joe" was actually a sociopathic stalker.

Well something pretty similar happened to a 21-year-old guy and he shared his experience on Reddit, seeking some advice for what he should do. He explained that his girlfriend of over a year left him in her room at school while she went to a lecture, so to pass the time, he rummaged through some of her things. He wound up uncovering a box on top of her wardrobe and what he found in it chilled him to the bone.

Inside the box was an assortment of items, some a little odd but others alarmingly bizarre. The man, who never before noticed anything strange about his girlfriend's behavior, wrote:

"When I opened it I found so many random things that I used to own. There were odd socks in there that she has taken. A toothbrush that I thought I had lost after our holiday. Bits of hair from (presumably) my comb. Toe nail clippings. Receipts that I assume she stole from my wallet. She even has things like empty wrappers of food that I know we're mine. There was a piece of glass in there but I don't know where that is from. A USB phone charger. A half used bar of soap. Boxer shorts. Used gum. A spoon. Used [band-aids] from God knows when. Honestly the things in the box were so random, but I recognized a lot of little bits that had gone missing over the past year. The most worrying thing was a used condom I found in there. I don't even know how she managed to keep that? And a few empty condom wrappers as well. I even found a little tablet in there that looked a lot like my antibiotics that I took for my tonsils before Christmas. And I definitely remember losing one of my last dosage. I can't remember what else because I just put it back and left. She doesn't know I found it yet."

He ended his post saying, "I don't want to confront her about it as she will know I was looking through her things. But then again, what else am I supposed to do? I love her so much but I am genuinely scared."

The comments are filled with people suggesting he break up with her, but also many who think she might be using the items to practice witchcraft. One wrote: "Nail clippings, semen, hair, saliva - all useful in pretty much all types of magic. Clothing and receipts can also be used too (esp. in Romany magic) and the piece of glass possibly has a lip print on it."

Meanwhile, another commenter had a different but very interesting idea:

That person might actually be on to something - the original poster responded revealing that his girlfriend's major is biotechnology.

As yet, the post hasn't been updated but keep an eye on it here.

Photo: Getty Images, Lifetime

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