Woman On Plane Stops Man From Sexually Harassing Teen

By Dave Basner

December 1, 2019

Air travel is challenging for most people with the delays, the lack of legroom, and the germs everywhere, but it's especially harrowing for young women. Writer Joanna Chiu witnessed this firsthand on a recent flight when she was seated in front of a teen girl who was in a separate part of the plane from the rest of her family. A man in is 30s sat next to teen and started talking to her. Before long, his innocent conversation turned sexual, and Chiu stepped in to put an end to it. She tweeted about everything that went down to illustrate what life is like being a female traveling alone. First, she set the scene:

Then she explained how she and others reacted when things did go down a dark path:

Chiu was pleased to see women come together to help the teen, but was disheartened that the men on the plane either ignored it or were oblivious to it:

She went on to say that this is a widespread experience for young women, and she herself experienced something similar:

In conclusion, Joanna explained ways everyone can pitch in to prevent incidents like this:

Chiu noted that security was waiting for the man when he got off the plane and that he "looked like he was sweating bullets." She also revealed that she overheard his name and the company he works for and will be writing a letter to them. Meanwhile, Joanna spoke about the young woman he targeted, stating how she is sure that the teen will "be CEO some day or [in] some other position of influence. She was in the middle of studying when he started harassing her."

Meanwhile, the flight crew gave Chiu and the other woman who helped in the situation a sweet note:

Finally, to ensure everyone who read the thread would have a better understanding of what to do in these types of situations, Joanna tweeted out some helpful links like this one and this one.

Photo: Getty Images

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