Man Captured Doing Something Gross On A Plane And Twitter Is Disgusted

By Dave Basner

July 16, 2019

When it comes to gross behavior, often times it can easily be found on planes. With so many people together in such a small space, you are sure to have some less-than-appealing actions take place. Passengers have been spotted drying out their laundry on headrests or putting feet up on armrests, but what one person was just captured on video doing on a flight might have you wearing gloves the next time your take to the friendly skies.

Author Alafair Burke shared the video on Twitter. It was taken by a friend of hers who was shocked to see a man with his bare feet up on the cabin wall in front of him, but it's what happened next that has caused an uproar on Twitter. The guy uses his feet to swipe through the movie options on the touch screen on the wall.

The post is going viral and just about everyone who sees it is grossed out.

Many people now plan to adopt the same plane-boarding procedure that model Naomi Campbell does each time she gets on a flight:

Some people pointed out that hands are probably dirtier than feet, but no one seemed to believe that. The original poster also made sure to note that this person boarded the plane on their own volition and was not disabled in a way that would require them to use their feet in this manner.

Perhaps today is a good day to buy stock in Lysol wipes.

Photo: Twitter/AlafairBurke

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