Congressman Denies Farting Loudly On Live TV Interview, MSNBC Responds

By Dave Basner

November 19, 2019

Usually MSNBC sticks to news and politics, but this week they are making headlines for a much different topic: a fart. It happened because of a live interview the network did with California Representative Eric Swalwell. As the Democrat, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, spoke with host Chris Matthews, it sounds, and to a degree looks, as though he is letting out some very loud flatulence.

While Swalwell states, "Chris, so far the evidence is uncontradicted that the president used taxpayer dollars to help him cheat an election," he seems to pause and release his gas, then continue talking while possibly holding back a smile.

When the clip started going viral, the representative began to make statements about it, texting Buzzfeed that not only was the sound not him, but he didn't even hear it while he was talking.

After watching the clip, Swalwell did admit that the sound is "funny," but still denied it.

Meanwhile, Hardball, the show he was appearing on when it happened, subtly joked about it by tweeting out a meme.

They later removed that tweet and replaced it with one that explains that the sound was a mug moving on a desk. That tweet includes a link to buy a mug from them.

Representative Swalwell was pretty happy to see MSNBC vindicate him. He tweeted out, "TOTAL EXONERATION!"

Twitter, however, isn't convinced, with everyone sharing their opinion with the hashtag #fartgate.

There hasn't been this much talk over a fart since a contestant appeared to let one rip on Wheel of Fortune.

Photo: YouTube

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