Father Freaks Out When He Spots His Baby In The Washing Machine

By Dave Basner

December 13, 2020

With Christmas around the corner, many people are trying to come up with unique gift ideas. Some folks might choose to put family members' faces on pieces of clothing for a present, but it turns out that can cause some scary moments. That's what happened to one dad in Russia.

The man was doing his laundry when he checked on the washing machine mid-cycle. He looked in and saw his baby's face staring back at him from inside. His heart skipped a beat before he realized it was just a t-shirt with his child's face on it pressed against the washing machine door.

He took a photo of it and posted it to Imgur, captioning it, "Please, if you are ever washing your favorite shirt with a picture of your child on it, just put a warning note on the washer or something."

Commenters said things like "It helps if the baby doesn't look terrified on the shirt too," and "JESUS give a person a heart attack!!!" One even suggested turning the shirts inside out when they are being washed, adding, "The prints will last so much longer."

Thankfully the baby is safe and sound and, most importantly, dry.

Photo: Getty Images

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