Fans Think Hailee Steinfeld's Song 'Wrong Direction' Is About Niall Horan

By Paris Close

January 3, 2020

Hailee Steinfeld is back with a heartbreaking ballad — and fans think it's about Niall Horan.

The singer dropped a new song called “Wrong Direction” at the stroke of midnight on Wednesday (January 1). The record, a poignant piano number, sees Steinfeld reflecting on the doubts and regrets she experienced with a former flame who was unfaithful in their relationship.

“I don't hate you/ No, I couldn't if I wanted to/ I just hate all the hurt that you put me through/ And that I blame myself for letting you,” she sings in the opening verse. As the song reaches its chorus, the lyrics become even more emotionally-charged, as Steinfeld belts: “Hurts me with your worst intentions/ Didn't even stop to question/ Every time you burned me down/ Don't know how; for a moment it felt like heaven.”

The song has led fans to speculate “Wrong Direction” was written about Steinfeld’s romance with Horan, whom she dated in 2018. Another allusion to consider is that the title might have alluded to Horan’s former band One Direction.

“Hold on, Niall Horan cheated on Hailee Steinfeld??????? Her new song…” one user tweeted. Another wrote: “Niall Horan stans trying to convince themselves he didn’t cheat on Hailee Steinfeld when they were together despite the evidence in Wrong Direction ‘But I just wanted to believe that you were out sleeping alone.’”

"Whew ms hailee steinfeld is dragging that niall horan guy to the pits of hell in her new song n i’m living for it," someone else tweeted of the song.

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