Mark Hoppus Confirms There's An Unreleased Blink-182 And Miley Cyrus Collab

By Eliot Hill

April 13, 2020

Over the years, blink-182 has made friends with a ton of different artists from various music genres and there was almost a collaboration on the band's most-recent album, NINE, with pop star Miley Cyrus.

After a clip of blink's song “I Really Wish I Hated You” featuring Cyrus leaked, Mark Hoppus spoke about the song while (naturally) playing “Animal Crossing” on a live stream.

When one fan inquired about the snippet, Hoppus noted, “Huh. Did it leak? I will be right back and we’ll talk about this. I don’t know what the story is with… well I know exactly what the story is with the Miley Cyrus version of 'I Really Wish I Hated You,' but I did not realize that it was in the world. So I am trying to find out answers.”

Thankfully, Hoppus didn't leave fans hanging for too long and confirmed that the snippet of leaked audio is, in fact, real and confirmed Cyrus was singing on the song. “She sang on a version of 'I Really Wish I Hated You' and apparently it leaked.” 

While he didn't explain anything further about why the Cyrus collab didn't make it on the album, it's probably doubtful we'll ever get the full version of the song. But maybe blink will surprise us one day with it.

In the clip, the 27-year-old sings the pre-chorus with Hoppus, “I love you, but I hate you when you're with someone else/ And I want you wrapped around me, but I don't trust myself” before the audio cuts off.

Listen to it below:

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This is incredible. Apparently, there is a version of I Really Wish I Hated You with Miley Cyrus of all people sharing vocal duties. This requires further explanation. Some of you might remember that in several interviews blink-182 stated that this song was the hardest one to complete on NINE and went through about five different iterations. It is possible that at a certain point during the recording process Miley Cyrus was involved in some capacity. In fact, this song was produced by Andrew Watt and Ali Tamposi, two household names in the pop scene who are behind some of the top hits you hear on the radio everyday and who have reportedly collaborated with Miley Cyrus on her upcoming album. That being said, it is hard to determine whether blink-182 actually considered having Miley Cyrus as a guest vocalist on a track or this snippet is fake in the sense that Watt and Tamposi initially brought the idea for I Really Wish I Hated You to Miley Cyrus and only later to blink-182 and this is just Miley's demo layered on blink's song. #blink182 #blink182italia

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