Brendon Urie Joins Jimmy Fallon & The Roots For 'Under Pressure' Jam Sesh

By Lindsey Smith

May 13, 2020

If you still have Panic! At The Disco's version of “Bohemian Rhapsody” on repeat, get ready to fall in love with a brand-new Queen cover.

Brendon Urie joined Jimmy Fallon and The Roots for an at-home jam session of “Under Pressure” and it was truly epic.

If you've watched any of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon videos with The Roots you'll know the band usually uses children instruments and such to play on. This time, they got super creative and used at-home instruments including water glasses, pots and pans, and even a toaster.

Urie was on Freddie Mercury vocal duties while Fallon grabbed David Bowie's parts and their voices sound pretty dang good together. Fans will probably recognize the room the “High Hopes” singer is in as he regularly jumps on his Twitch livestream to chat with fans (and create songs on the spot) from the same room.

From the hair to his button-down shirt, and those notes there's really so much to love about the Panic! frontman's performance and fans were definitely blown away by it. “I came for Brendon and was not disappointed! This man has it all! Talent, grace, beauty and brains,” one fan wrote. While another summed all the comments up: “It seems everyone can't handle Brendon's quarantine hair and I live for it!”

Honestly, all of the talent in the entire video will have you searching your house for items to start playing on and recording your own cover.  

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Panic! At the Disco

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