Groom's Pregnant Mistress Interrupts His Wedding, Screams At Him

By Dave Basner

December 14, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

If you're a cheater and you're going to get married, it's probably best to cut things off with your side piece before the wedding, or else the wedding could get really ugly. It's a lesson one groom learned the hard way. His name is Anthony and we know that because it's what his pregnant mistress yelled when she crashed his wedding, and it was all caught on camera.

The video, posted by ToneFromYouTube, begins with the mistress saying, "Really Anthony!?!" Some guests turn around to see who said it but they try to ignore her. Anthony does the same, though it gets harder when the woman yells, "Anthony, you're acting like you don't know me... I got your baby here!" Somehow he still doesn't turn around and even more remarkably, the officiant continues with the ceremony as though there is no interruption.

The mistress continues and screams, "Anthony, I know you hear me!" At that point, the bride's daughter throws a bouquet of flowers at the woman and charges at her, telling her, "You better get out of my mama's wedding! What is wrong with you? What is wrong with you?"

Believe it or not, the wedding actually went on following the incident. In part two (which has some audio-visual syncing issues), you can hear the bride say her vows and the officiant ask the audience to applaud the couple.

Commenters on the video seemed to agree that her husband-to-be's pregnant mistress wasn't news to the bride. One person wrote, "They knew what was up which is why they didn't turn around. They all seem to know he is a cheater cause no one on the podium flinched." Another said, "The fact that the couple never turned around lets us all know they know who she is and what she's talking about AND she isn't lying." One other stated, "That woman know who she is that's why she didn't turn around. She already know about that baby too."

A different commenter explained, "People acting like the 'mistress' is crazy, and shaming her, but in all seriousness the bride is stupid, if a guy can do his ex or whatever dirty, he will do the same to you. Crazy ex's are 'crazy' for a reason, my ex boyfriend had an ex he said was crazy, the a year later he treated me EXACTLY how he treated the poor girl before me and now I wanna attack him in the street too 🤣"

No word on if the couple will live happily ever after or not.

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