Flight Attendant Points Out Nastiest Areas On A Plane In Eye-Opening Video

By Dave Basner

October 2, 2020

Even before coronavirus, it was a well-known fact that planes are overall pretty dirty. It's no surprise - they carry hundreds of people each flight with only minutes between trips for crews to come in and clean. With so little time, there's no way cleaners can do an effective job on every nook and cranny. Well now, a flight attendant has shared a video on TikTok pointing out the dirtiest of the dirty spots on a plane so that you can be prepared the next time you have to fly.

In her video, called "The Nastiest Parts On An Airplane," flight attendant Kal Kamalani first points out the backseat pocket, warning people not to touch it. Kamalani explains, "They clean them out between flights, but they don't sanitize them. Think of all the dirty tissues, barf bags and garbage that has been in there."

Next, she suggests passengers sanitize their tray table, stating, "I have seen so many parents use this as a changing table for their child's diaper and then they put it in the backseat pocket."

The flight attendant goes on to say air vents, safety cards and seatbelt buckles should all also be thoroughly disinfected by passengers since they are handled by many people and aren't cleaned enough by the airlines.

She didn't just focus on the seating area though, Kamalani also spoke about the bathroom, telling fliers to "use a tissue to lock the door," and tipping women off to the fact that you can find feminine products hidden in a compartment in the lavatory.

The one thing that isn't mentioned in the video is when it was recorded. Since COVID-19, airlines have had more people cleaning the planes for longer periods of time, ensuring a deeper disinfection, one which might address some of the issues Kal brings up on TikTok.

It's not Kamalani's first time with a popular travel-related video either. In August, her TikTok post covering hotel check-in safety tips went viral.

You can follow Kamalani on TikTok here.

Photo: Getty Images

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