Teacher Under Fire For TikTok Video Sharing Controversial Homework Policy

By Dave Basner

November 9, 2020

Every teacher is different. Each has their own way of presenting information to students, quizzing and testing them on it, and giving them assignments around it. Courtney White, an English teacher from Texas, has developed a strategy for how she teaches, and after sharing a TikTok video about it, she's caused quite the stir.

White posted a clip where she admits to not assigning her students homework. The vid shows her classroom with the words "You must be that teacher that doesn't assign homework" over it. White then jumps into the shot and lip syncs the words, "You guessed it! You is right!" She captioned the video, "Students do enough work at school, they don't need more at home!"

Many students and teachers agreed with Courtney's philosophy, writing comments like "Homework is a big reason why some students get bad grades. They could know everything in class but just not have time to work on it at home," "Thank you!! We are already at school for seven hours then we go home and have to do more work," "Having no homework actually motivates me to actually do the classwork," and "The world needs more teachers like you."

However plenty of people called White out for "not doing her job properly." In fact, the 27-year-old got so many negative comments that she put up another video where she defended herself.


Reply to @tafgarcia Me not assigning homework, doesn’t make me any less of a teacher. My kids show me mastery of content in class. #teachersoftiktok

♬ original sound - Courtney 💕

In her follow-up, White stated, "There is no proof that homework is going to make them better students in my class. I respect their time outside of class. They work hard for me all day. They don’t need to go home and do more homework because if they do it at home, it does not show me mastery."

She added, "Some of them are going home and taking care of their younger sibling because their parents are at work, some of them just need to go home and sleep and some of them have to go home and worry about what they’re going to eat because there’s no food at their house. So, if I also give them hours of homework, when do they have time to be kids and relax... so I am a good teacher and I am doing my job."

You can see more from her here.

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