Naked Hotel Guests Upset To Discover Mirrored Glass In Sauna Is See-Through

By Dave Basner

February 18, 2021

Hotels are always trying to do new and exciting things to set them apart - sometimes they go all-out with a rooftop bar, and other times they install some kind of over-the-top pool, but what one hotel recently did has caused a newlywed couple to seek therapy.

According to The Telegraph, the pair went to the newly-opened five-star Grand Josun Jeju Hotel on the island of Jeju off the tip of South Korea, where they paid $725 a night to bask in the luxurious accommodations. Among the amenities they enjoyed was the hotel's sauna, which featured windows that they were told were mirrored. Because of the privacy, the pair didn't bother to cover up with towels and instead spent their time in the sauna walking around nude, however, the windows weren't mirrored and it turns out the pair was fully naked in front of other guests.

The husband described to the Korea Times how they learned about the windows explaining, "While taking a walk around the hotel on the last day of our stay, we discovered the interior was visible from the outside. We could even see the writing on a thermometer inside the sauna."

He also stated that the windows on the showers and toilet facilities were not mirrored either, and that there were other guests, including minors, using them.

To make matters worse, even though the hotel admitted that the blinds to the windows had been rolled up by mistake, they allegedly still called the police on the couple for complaining and accused them of obstructing the hotel's business. The pair is now in therapy because of their experience at the hotel. The husband said, "My wife and I are currently undergoing psychotherapy as we were so shocked after realizing that we had taken a shower and used toilets that were visible from the outside."

Since the story got out, the hotel released a statement that says they made "mistakes during operations." Their website also notes, "We deeply apologize for causing inconvenience to customers due to the omission of glass barrier coatings… in some areas of the women’s sauna."

The sauna is now closed and will remain that way until they can fix the problem.

Photo: Getty Images

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