No One Agrees On What This Crowd Is Chanting And You Won't Either

By Dave Basner

June 9, 2021

Photo: Getty Images

It's been three years since the world was torn over if a person was saying the word "laurel" or "yanny." The "audio illusion" caused some people to hear just "laurel," others just "yanny," and some would hear one and then the other. Well now there is a new sound that is driving listeners insane.

This time it is a crowd chanting something as they watch a soccer match involving the Derby County Football Club in England. TikToker Kegan Stiles posted the audio with a list of possible things being yelled in it. Keeping in mind the British accent involved, if you look at one of the potential chants, you'll hear that phrase and be certain that's what's being shouted, but then if you look at another option you'll hear that one as well. In fact, you very well might hear all nine possible chants - and maybe even some that aren't listed.

Well since the audio track is titled "That Is Embarrassing" and listed as a Derby County Football Club chant song, it's pretty clear what they truly are saying, but it is still mind-blowing how the power of suggestion can get you believing they might be yelling about "Bart Simpson" or "Lobsters In Motion."

Check out other audio illusions on Kegan's TikTok page here.

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