UFO Stops Traffic In South Carolina As Drivers Film It

By Dave Basner

July 6, 2021

Photo: Kennedy News and Media

When Shaneika Joyner and her six-year-old daughter India went for a drive in Goose Creek, South Carolina last week, they didn't think it would turn into something they'd remember for the rest of their lives, but that's just what happened.

While on Highway 52, they saw something in the sky that was so bizarre, Shaneika got out her phone and started to film it. Perplexed, India said, "Oh my God, there's something in there," as a grey object either floats or flies by them and through a cloud. The object moves in midair and India asks, "Is it a ship?" Her mom responds simply, "Look!" India can only stare in disbelief and say, "What is that?"

Shaneika told The Sun that she had "absolutely no idea" what the object was, but did state, "In my 41 years on this planet, I have never seen anything like it before. I was in awe."

She said that there were actually two objects but she "couldn't keep eyes on them both at the same time," and the one she recorded was visible for less than one minute. Shaneika added, "It was going fast but it slowed down enough for me to record it. It looked like it spun a little when it got by the trees."

Shaneika went on to say, "At first I thought it may have been a plastic bag but I was like, that's too fast and too high. Some people have said it's a balloon or a trash bag. However, some have said they believe it's a cloaked ship." Others think it is a "drone with cloaking tech" or a "lower atmospheric cloud caught in back-wind."

While some people made comments like "that's a damn plastic bag," it's not so crazy to believe it is a UFO. Just last month, the Pentagon released a report about UFOs, and while there weren't many details or explanations in it, it did say that there have been 143 instances of unknown flying objects, though the report did not say they were of extraterrestrial origins.

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