Pittsburgh Firefighters Furious Over City's Plan To Paint Engines Gray

By Jason Hall

July 19, 2021

Low Angle View Of Fire Engine On Road
Photo: Getty Images

Local firefighters are reportedly furious over the city of Pittsburgh's plans to paint nine fire trucks gray.

CBS Pittsburgh reports the city has planned to repaint and detailed its entire fleet in the past few months, which has already included makeovers to police vehicles, EMS ambulances and sanitation trucks.

The fire union plans to deliver a letter to Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto requesting that the engines remain red, as well as objecting to repainting the vehicles on financial and public safety grounds, CBS Pittsburgh reports.

Union President Ralph Sicuro said a half-dozen other trucks are already in the city garage for repairs while the city plans to take even more out of service for the paint job.

Sicuro also argues that painting the trucks gray is a safety hazard as it makes them less visible to the public.

Additionally, the changes are estimated to cost $8,000 each, which would total $72,000 for all nine trucks.

“Red is obviously a primary color for firefighting, and it’s been a historical color for use to use over the years. But really look behind me, we have a fleet that needs maintenance. We need more vehicles. Why spend $72,000 to repaint something that is brand new? Sicuro said.

Pittsburgh's entire fleet is being repainted in accordance with an order by Mayor Peduto, who wants the vehicles to be steel gray honoring the city's history in the steel industry.

The mayor's office said significant misinformation has been released in relation to the city's plans for the engines, confirming that the fire engines will not change their red base paint, but instead detail other parts of the truck.

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