Here's Every Louisiana Bar Featured On 'Bar Rescue'

By Sarah Tate

September 15, 2021

Photo: Getty Images

Keeping a bar or restaurant open takes a lot of work, and sometimes it takes an outsider's perspective to suggest changes to improve business. That's where Bar Rescue comes in.

Starring Jon Taffer, a food and beverage industry consultant who specializes in nightclubs, bars and pubs, the reality show aims to save businesses from closing. Each episode, Taffer and his crew travel to different establishments around the country that are struggling in order to help them turn over a new leaf and keep the doors open.

Several bars in Louisiana have been featured on the show. After undergoing a change, including rebranding with new names, most of the bars are still doing business years later. One bar, however, is no longer in operation.

Here are all the Louisiana establishments featured on Bar Rescue and when they aired:

The following bars have closed since their episode aired:

  • Speakeasy Bar & Grill (renamed Second Line Co.): Season 5, Episode 18 (March 2017)
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