This Dog Looks Exactly Like Will Ferrell

By Dave Basner

February 8, 2022

There are plenty of celebrity lookalikes out there - and some even make a living as an impersonator thanks to their resemblance to someone famous, but few doppelgängers are as unique as a Will Ferrell lookalike named Layla. That's because Layla is a four-month-old dog.

Layla's owner, Thomas Green, took a picture of his pooch and posted it on Twitter with the caption, "Someone said my dog looks like Will Ferrell and I can't unsee it now." And he's not wrong. Something about the eyes and the mouth make it seem like the star of Anchorman could have a canine twin.

Twitter seems to agree, with people writing things like, "I'm not saying it's the same person. I'm just saying we've never seen both of them in the same place at the same time," and, "OMG this is so accurate."

It turns out, Layla isn't the only four-legged celebrity impersonator. One tweet showed a few others that look like actors.

As for Layla, Thomas described her to the Daily Mail saying, "She is great, full of energy, very outgoing, friendly towards everyone around her, and so much more. She is a lover, and always wants to hug someone as well. She likes to sleep a lot too, just like myself." See more of her by following Thomas here.

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