Pepsi Says Innovative New Flavor Will Be 'Most Ambitious Feat Yet'

By Jason Hall

February 23, 2022

Pepsi bottle seen at the grocery store
Photo: Getty Images

Pepsi is coming out with an innovative new flavor that it believes is its "most ambitious feat yet."

PepsiCo announced Wednesday (February 23) that a nitrogen-infused cola will be released in U.S. stores on March 28, CNN Business reports.

The company said the new soda line will feature a creamier and smoother taste compared to its predecessors and be sold in regular and vanilla flavors.

Nitrogen has become a popular brewing tactic in beer and coffee drinks -- including Starbucks' popular cold brew beverages -- as the nitrogen gas creates a silky, foamy feature to the tap drinks.

Nitro Pepsi, however, will be sold in a special can created to maintain the nitrogen inspired by Guinness' widget at the bottom of its can in order to maintain a "frothy, foamy, smooth texture unique to Nitro Pepsi," the company said in its announcement via CNN Business.

Guinness' nitrogen-filled capsule releases gas once the can is opened to maintain the beverage's famous foamy head and has been included in its cans for about 50 years.

Nitro Pepsi will also offer a similar foamy head to its beverage once the can is opened, with the company suggesting consumers drink it without ice or a straw.

Nitro Pepsi was initially announced in 2019 as an alternative to attract consumers who don't enjoy carbonated beverages.

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