Texas Woman Discovers Her Soon-To-Be Ex-Husband Was Tracking Her

By Dani Medina

February 25, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

A Texas woman made a shocking realization that her husband, who she's seeking a divorce from, has been tracking her.

The woman from Houston, who wished remain anonymous since her divorce isn't finalized yet, told ABC 13 that she got a concerning notification on her iPhone that said "there was something traveling with me."

She was being tracked using Apple's new technology — AirTag. The device is designed to find lost personal items, like keys or your wallet. The woman said she'd heard of the technology before, but was "not familiar with it being used in that way, so I did not expect it." According to ABC 13, the AirTag uses Bluetooth technology and your phone's Find My iPhone app to find items that you've "tagged."

The woman said her soon-to-be ex-husband hid the tracker in the back seat of her car. She sent all photos and information to her lawyer, and then confronted him. "At first he denied that he had done it, and then he was very apologetic and, and kind of came clean," she said.

While stalking is illegal, in the woman's case, her husband wasn't committing a crime. Matt Tyson, an attorney whose seen similar tracking cases, said Texas is a community property state. That means since the tracker was placed in a car that both the husband and wife owned, it wasn't a crime.

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