Mysterious Liquid That Rained Down On Las Vegas Has Been Identified

By Ginny Reese

March 4, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

Some Las Vegas residents in one eastern neighborhood were confused for weeks by a mysterious brown and black liquid that's been falling from the sky, reported KTNV 13 Las Vegas. Some even feared that the unknown substance was toxic.

Now, there's finally answers to what the mysterious oil-like liquid is.

The Clark County Department of Environment and Sustainability found out just what the substance is. Officer Kevin MacDonald confirmed that is actually bee poop. MacDonald said, "It's what's called bee frass, also known as fecal matter so, uh, bee poop."

While the lab results identified the liquid as bee poop meaning that it is harmless, MacDonald said that it was important for it to be checked. He said, "It was more or less a nuisance but we've seen other areas around the world that industrial pollution can lead to environmental and health impacts."

Joshua Hammons, a beekeeper and honey salesman, was not surprised to fund out the droplets were bee frass. He said, "I chuckled to myself when I read that, because I know exactly what it is. My truck that I haul bees with, yeah, it gets covered. It's very hard to wash off."

According to Hammons, the weeks leading to spring are the prime time for things like that to happen since bees are emerging and swarming in new areas.

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