Amy Schumer Accidentally Reveals Michael Cera's Big Secret

By Dani Medina

March 5, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

Amy Schumer accidentally revealed some big news Michael Cera was keeping a secret.

In a joint interview on Entertainment Tonight promoting the duo's new show Life & Beth, Schumer revealed that Cera just welcomed his first child, according to People. The comedian and actress was talking about her 2-year-old son Gene and outed Cera's secret in the process.

"Michael has a baby, too," Schumer said, realizing the news she had just broken. "Is that public knowledge? I just outed him, I just outed his baby."

Well, it's public knowledge now, Amy!

Cera confirmed his new baby to Page Six, saying "We're right at the beginning of it. We're doing the very basics right now." He provided no details about the sex of the baby, its name or its birthday. Cera and his wife Nadine reportedly got married in 2018.

This isn't the only time Schumer mentioned Cera's new baby. On Chelsea Handler's podcast "Dear Chelsea," Schumer mentioned Cera's kid again when talking about their new TV show. "Michael Cera plays my romantic love interest. He's married, I'm married, we both have kids," she said.

Life & Beth is a new Hulu original series that premieres on March 18. Here's what it's about: "After a sudden incident, Beth, a seemingly successful woman with a long term relationship and steady career, takes a look back at her past to see who she wants to become."

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