Watch Drew Barrymore Hilariously Try To Pronounce Texas Cities

By Dani Medina

March 31, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

Drew Barrymore might be from California, but she knows a lot more about Texas than you think.

The Emmy Award-winning actress made an appearance on CBS DFW where she hung out with Meteorologist Anne Elise Parks for the weather broadcast. Parks surprised Barrymore with a little quiz that involved the 50 First Dates actress to try her best in pronouncing some of Texas' commonly mispronounced cities and counties.

"One of the things that is the toughest as a meteorologist when you move somewhere is learning how to say things the way locals say it," Parks said as she introduced the game. "I know a lot of areas of Texas but Texas is so big. There's so many I still have to learn about," Barrymore said.

The first city was Mexia. Barrymore pronounced it Me-hee-uh, which was close. But it's actually pronounced Me-hey-uh. Next up was Sachse, located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Barrymore got this one right, pronouncing it like "saxxy." She celebrated with a fun dance.

The next one stumped Barrymore: Montague. The The Drew Barrymore Show host pronounced it as Shakespeare did in Romeo and Juliet, but it's actually pronounced Mont-ayge instead of Mon-ta-gew. Palestine was up next, and although you might itch to pronounce it like the country, it's actually Pal-es-teen. Barrymore was close!

Bowie was next. Barrymore says, "Obviously, I'm thinking of David." But then she finds out it's actually pronounced Boo-ee. Another one she "didn't see coming" was Celina, which is pronounced Cel-eye-na instead of Cel-ee-na.

Bosque stumped her too, since it's pronounced Bos-kee and not Bos-cue. Don't even get Barrymore started on Italy. When she found out it was pronounced It-lee, she hilariously lost her mind. Last but not least was Waxahachie, but Barrymore was already familiar with the Ellis County city.

Parks said she'd give Barrymore a "passing grade."

"Obviously I learned a lot and I shant get it wrong again because I totally agree with you, getting things correctly is a matter of respect, so it matters," Barrymore said.

You can watch the video below:

This was so much fun! Thanks for having me CBS DFW!

Posted by Drew Barrymore on Thursday, March 31, 2022
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