Dad And Daughter Survive Deadly Lightning Strike During Yankees Training

By Logan DeLoye

April 5, 2022

Milwaukee Brewers v Cincinnati Reds - Game Two
Photo: Getty Images

Elmhurst locals Ashley Moberg and dad, John Moberg, were struck by lightning in Tampa during a Yankees spring training game that ended up getting cancelled due to weather conditions.

According to CBS News, the two retreated under a tree to escape the storm when the strike occurred.

"There was a bright flash, and the loud boom that I heard, and the next thing I knew, I was flying out of my shoes, and my ears were ringing. I saw my dad hit his head on the ground, and then I hit the ground. I thought my dad was dead for about ten seconds there while I was lying on the pavement trying to figure out whether I had died," Ashley told CBS News.

Someone at Steinbrenner Field witnessed the incident and called 911.

John Moberg was knocked unconscious and does not recall any events after being struck, but daughter Ashley is able to describe exactly what happened.

"Well, for everyone who's asking, yes, we got super powers and no, we're not allowed to talk about them," Ashley told ABC 7. Ashley escaped the strike with a burn on her neck, and John with a broken cheekbone and a black eye.

The two are now safely back in Illinois and Ashley plans to get a tattoo of a lightning bolt.

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