Cincinnati Man Binges Beer And Omits Food For Lent

By Logan DeLoye

April 11, 2022

Pouring beer in glass
Photo: Getty Images

Can someone survive by only drinking beer for 46 days straight? 47-year-old Del Hall is relentless in his pursuit to fascinate nutritionists and beer drinkers all over the world. This is year four of Hall omitting food during Lent and sticking to a strict all-liquid diet of sorts. He even looses weight every year.

Halfway through the diet, he turned to Instagram to tell his followers that he had already lost 21 pounds.

"I decided I'm going to turn this into a beer diet to show people that you can use beer in a healthy way and not vilify it as this evil alcohol," he told ABC9.

Hall is almost done with his controlled beer binge for this year and has lost a total of 25 pounds.

"Not eating any food is a constant reminder of how much we use eating as entertainment," Hall wrote in an Instagram post, "The upside is that you gain all the time you use to eat, shop, plan, prep, and think about what you were going to eat!"

Hall is an Army veteran and admits to being known for overindulging due to the influence of leaving the military. He is currently the co-owner of 16 Lots Brewing Co. off of Reading Road in Mason, Ohio.

According to, he continues to monitor his health with a glucose monitor and keeps consistent healthy numbers, spiking only after he drinks beer.

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