Arizona Is Home To One Of The 'Most Exciting Underground Restaurants'

By Ginny Reese

April 15, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

There are some restaurants all over the world that are below the Earth's surface in locations like basements, caves, and tunnels. These eateries provide an experience like no other and are definitely always memorable.

LoveFOOD compiled a list of the "most exciting underground restaurants in the world." The website states, "These restaurants from around the world ask patrons to head beneath the ground and sit down for a unique meal."

One Arizona eatery landed on the list, ranking among restaurants from several different countries.

So which one made the list?

Grand Canyon Caverns Grotto in Peach Springs ranked among the best. If you haven't visited this eatery, it's definitely a unique experience. LoveFOOD explains:

"It’s not surprising that Arizona’s sprawling Grand Canyon is full of interesting caverns, including a tourist-ready set of caves that includes a fully furnished hotel suite. The Cavern Grotto is the canyon’s underground restaurant, located 200 feet (61m) below the surface on a platform suspended in one of the caves. With only four tables, the restaurant is very small and doesn’t include a kitchen (the food is cooked at ground level and sent down on an elevator in a bucket that keeps it warm)."

Click here to check out the full list of the "most exciting underground restaurants in the world."

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