Texas Man Bitten By Snake Hiding In Toolbox

By Ginny Reese

May 10, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

One Texas man got an unwelcome surprise when he opened his toolbox, reported Centre Daily Times.

Mark Holton was fumbling around to find a tool when he felt something bite his index finger. He didn't know he was angering a snake that had curled up in the drawer. He said, "Suddenly I saw and felt something hit my index finger. I opened the drawer the rest of the way and there laid a copperhead snake."

The three foot snake was coiled up among a bed of screwdrivers and wrenches.

Holton said that he had only a small amount of blood after the bite. It was clear that the snake bit him, but it had left little to none of its "painful, flesh-destroying venom," according to Centre Daily Times.

Holton said, "My neighbor Matt loves to catch and relocate snakes so I called him and told him about the snake. He came over and suggested I go see a physician, but I wasn't feeling any pain and decided against it."

"Dry bites" are possible, but they're very rare. Experts urge anyone who is bitten by a venomous snake to "always assume it's going to be an envenomation."

"I was very lucky," Holton said. "I have had many encounters with snakes, but never (had) one strike me."

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