This Is The Most Interesting Job In California

By Logan DeLoye

June 24, 2022

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What someone finds interesting, another may find completely boring. Though "interesting" is almost always a matter of opinion, there is still data to be drawn that encompasses the most uniquely popular jobs in each state. Sourcing data from the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Financial Buzz narrowed down jobs that were a bit out of the ordinary that still seemed to be more popular in a specific state versus the national average.

According to a list compiled by Finance Buzz, the most interesting job in California is film and video editing. It may come as no surprise that this state has the most film and video editors in the entire country.

Here is what Finance Buzz had to say about the most interesting job in all of California:

"Lights, camera, action. It’s not too surprising California has the highest concentration of film and video editors. Hollywood is the hub for anyone aspiring to be a part of show biz, and film and video editors are a crucial part of getting TV shows and movies onto the big screen. Film and video editors manipulate moving images to deliver a final product that keeps the rest of us entertained. Once the footage is shot, these editors collaborate with producers and directors to arrange it and create the final show we sit down to watch."

For more information regarding the most interesting job in each state visit HERE.

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