Ohio Police Cutting Back Patrols Amid Soaring Gas Prices

By Taylor Linzinmeir

June 15, 2022

Emergency vehicle lighting
Photo: Getty Images

One Ohio Police chief says his department has been forced to cut back on patrols due to the recent surge of gas prices, according to FOX News.

South Zanesville Police Chief Mark Ross said that the department will be conducting “stationary patrols,” meaning an officer will park their patrol car in a visible area like a parking lot or a residential area near a road with high traffic, to save gas whenever possible. "They can just sit there and be observant and be seen," he said. "We’re not as visible as we normally want to be. We’d like to move around through our village and let people see us."

The decision comes as the national average price for gas hit $5 a gallon, which is nearly $2 higher than the average at this time last year. Ross predicts his department will have to continue cutting back on patrols until gas prices fall. In addition, voters recently turned down an increase in the police budget.

"Economically, we’re getting strapped here," he said. "And when you go [to] them and ask for more money off their property taxes, they’re going to turn it down. I understand security is important for the people, but they’re also looking at their budgets and how it’s straining them."

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