This Is California's Weirdest Law

By Logan DeLoye

June 23, 2022

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For a law to be "stranger than fiction," it has to be pretty strange. Though 'weird' and 'strange' are both subjective terms, some laws are so out there that there is little disagreement as to how strange they truly are. We are left to wonder, "how did that ever get signed as a law?" Regardless of how we feel about it, breaking the law can result in fine or imprisonment.

According to a unique list compiled by Far & Wide, the weirdest law in all of California is that women are not allowed to drive while wearing a bathrobe. The law does not effect men in the slightest. If a woman is pulled over while wearing a bathrobe she can receive a number of fines. There is no data on exactly when the law was put in place.

Here is what Far & Wide had to say about the weird California law:

"Forgot something at the store and need to run out real quick in your bathrobe? That’ll be a hard stop if you’re a woman in the state of California. This antiquated (read: bizarre) law prohibits women from operating a motor vehicle while wearing a housecoat. If violated, a woman can be subject to some hefty fines."

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