Tennessee Man Survives After Venomous Snake Attacks Him Outside His Home

By Sarah Tate

June 27, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

A man in East Tennessee is thankful after being bitten by a venomous snake and living to tell the tale.

Jeffrey Wilkins, of Monroe County, said Saturday (June 25) was "a smooth, nice day," even as he mowed his yard in the sticky southern heat. However, things took a turn that night when he went to check that the gates on his property were locked and he came across a venomous snake in his yard, per WKRN. As he was locking up one gate, he turned around and noticed the snake too late to react and watched as it struck out at him.

"I turned about right here and took maybe two-step and it laid right here and that's when it got me," he said.

He collapsed from the pain and called out for his wife, who took him to the hospital. Fortunately, he is now recovering from the bite, which didn't require anti-venom to treat as "the snake shot just very little venom in me."

"The leg just feels like I've slept on it for four or five days now," Wilkins said. He added that they have since taken precautions to prevent another incident, saying, "We have put out moth balls and snake [has been] gone since that."

In addition to the moth balls, Wilkins is more cautious walking around his property.

"I watch my step even more," he said. "I always watch my step but now I'm just really afraid."

According to his doctors, Wilkins will need a couple weeks to fully heal from the bite, which was likely from a copperhead, one of four venomous snakes found in Tennessee. According to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, death from a copperhead bite is extremely rare.

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