Whataburger Quietly Removed A Popular Item From Its Menu

By Dani Medina

June 29, 2022

Photo: Whataburger

One of Whataburger's most beloved, albeit simple, menu items was quietly removed. The realization was made thanks to a viral TikTok that promised a cheaper solution to turn to when you're craving a Patty Melt.

TikToker @hellthyjunkfood shared an easy "hack" for a "Budget Patty Melt" at the Texas-based burger chain, according to the Houston Chronicle. First, order a grilled cheese with Swiss cheese. Next, order a burger patty. That's all you need to do to save a few bucks at the drive-thru.

The problem? Whataburger doesn't sell grilled cheeses anymore. A spokesperson said the sandwich was taken off the menu in April, which is around the time the "hack" went viral on TikTok. People began to notice its absence and made their feelings known so much that Whataburger said it's bringing the grilled cheese back next week, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Not only did Whataburger share the good, cheesy news, but it also shared its thoughts on the viral "Budget Patty Melt" hack:

"What makes the Patty Melt so tasty and melty is that it has two large beef patties and two slices of Monterey Jack cheese topped with grilled onions and Creamy Pepper sauce. While a grilled cheese sandwich with a single patty added is tasty, it’s not a Patty Melt. We encourage fans to treat themselves to the real deal."
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