Can You Guess South Carolina's Most Popular Milkshake Flavor?

By Sarah Tate

July 7, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

As summer continues to heat up bright sunny days, you may be searching for the perfect way to cool down. Why not enjoy a deliciously sweet treat to beat the heat?

Using Google Trends data from the past 12 months, RTA Outdoor Living compiled a report to find the most popular milkshake flavor in each state, from traditional flavors like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry to more unique options like peanut butter, orange creamsicle and peppermint.

According to the report, the most popular milkshake overall was strawberry, with the flavor being the most searched for option in 10 states. Following closely behind is chocolate, with the rich flavor being the top choice for eight states, and Oreo/cookies and creme coming rounding out the Top 3 with six states searching for the flavor more than any others.

So which flavor of milkshake do South Carolinians crave above all others?


For sweets lovers in South Carolina, it's hard to say no to a delicious peach milkshake. While most states share their most popular flavor with at least one other state, South Carolina stands alone in with its peachy favorite.

To see the most popular milkshakes in each state, and to see where Tennessee's favorite ranks among the flavors, check out the report here.

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