Gabby & Rachel Address Clayton On 'Bachelorette' Premiere: See His Reaction

By Dani Medina

July 12, 2022

Photo: ABC, Getty Images

Warning: This story contains spoilers from the Season 19 premiere of The Bachelorette.

The start of a new journey for Bachelorettes Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia just began, but not without rehashing the past a little bit.

As men stepped out of the limo ready to make a first impression for the two new stars of The Bachelorette, a handful made sure to mention Gabby and Rachel's ex-boyfriend and former Bachelor Clayton Echard. To jog your memory, Gabby and Rachel captured America's hearts during the "rose ceremony from hell" when Clayton admitted to being in love with three women. After the show wrapped, it was announced both Gabby and Rachel would share a Bachelorette season. Clayton is currently dating the third woman in the love "square," Susie Evans.

"So there's something I gotta get off my chest. I've got something in common with Clayton. I'm in love with three women," Jason said as he stepped out of the limo, a nod to what Clayton told Gabby, Rachel and Susie at the "rose ceremony from hell" last season. "My mom, my sister and my dog Kira." Gabby and Rachel were clearly taken aback by Jason's pick-up line.

Hayden also stepped out of the limo and mentioned Clayton in his opening line. "So, my name's Hayden and I know that does sound a lot like Clayton, but what I'm gonna do differently is I'm gonna be thinking with this head and not that one," he said as he pointed to his head and his penis.

"Hayden gets me with a joke 'cause I'm 12 years old," Gabby said during her confessional about the first impression. "He makes a nod to Clayton and it is pretty funny but this is the beginning of our new journey so it's just the wrong time for it ... But the guys, I feel like, they need to bring up Clayton because it's still fresh and hearing all this Clayton stuff is kind of blech."

THE BACHELOR - 2608 Its time for hometowns! For the first time in two years, the Bachelor will visit the hometowns of his final four women to meet their families and immerse himself in each of the ladies lives.
Photo: ABC

The show then goes on to show several other guys using the former Bachelor in their first impressions. Dressed up in a clown costume, Ryan said, "I know what it looks like. I am not Clayton." Johnny performs a short rap for Gabby and Rachel, which includes the lyrics, "I heard the last guy you dated was kind of a fluke. I think his name was— he's a piece of s***."

"These guys keep bringing up Clayton and I think Gabby and I are OK with not hearing Clayton's name again tonight," Rachel said.

Moments later, a children's choir steps onto the driveway to present another contestant. They begin to sing, "Clayton sucks! Clayton sucks! Clayton sucks! ... Losing you will be his regret but not yours because you're both Bachelorettes!" Gabby and Rachel applaud the performance, and welcome Alec to the show. "Alec definitely made an impression. The choir was probably the most creative entrance so far and probably the only time we're OK with hearing Clayton's name tonight," Rachel said.

Clayton, on the other hand, wasn't too pleased with hearing his name pop up on the show all night. In a tweet, the former Bachelor said, "It’s not personal, it’s business."

Clayton's girlfriend from his season of the show Susie took to TikTok to react to the Clayton trash-talking on the season premiere. With the audio of Will Smith telling Chris Rock to "keep my wife's name out your f****** mouth," Susie shows photos of the men mentioned above who brought up Clayton in their first impressions. "No hard feelings… I just had to seize the moment 😂💀🌹," she captioned the video, which you can watch below.


No hard feelings… I just had to sieze the moment 😂💀🌹 #thebachelorette

♬ will smith. - Eric Fernandes

Clayton and Susie also made a hilarious TikTok together with the children's choir song playing in the background.


Ask and you shall receive… 💀 Who wants me to break into @clayton.echard ‘s phone and update his ringtone? #thebachelorette

♬ original sound - Susie Evans

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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