How Feeding Ducks Led To A $250,000 Lawsuit For A Texas Homeowner

By Dani Medina

July 12, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

A Texas woman is being sued by her homeowners' association for $250,000 for feeding the neighborhood ducks.

Kathleen Rowe has fed the ducks in her Lakeland Village home for the past 11 years, according to ABC 13. Now, the Lakeland Village Community Association wants a hefty payout for the deed restrictions she's allegedly violating.

The HOA said Rowe is "causing a foul odor, untidy conditions and noise that disturbs the peace." Three months ago, Rowe said she got letters from her HOA that asked her to stop feeding the ducks. While Rowe did stop for a while, she gave in to the hungry ducks and kept feeding them.

"It took three days, but by the end of the third day, there were ducks at my front door crying. Just crying. Saying, 'Why are you not feeding us?'" Rowe said.

Rowe added she was shocked at the dollar amount the HOA is seeking. Her attorney is working to have the case dismissed. "I thought it was going to kill my husband. I really did. That's half of his retirement that somebody is just saying, 'We're going to rip that away from you,'" she said.

Rowe's house is currently up for sale in case she does owe the HOA the $250,000. "Have a heart. Just have a little heart. All I'm trying to do is save animals that need a little help," Rowe says, directed toward the HOA.

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