This Is North Carolina's Most Famous Deli Sandwich

By Sarah Tate

August 3, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

If you're stuck deciding on where to dine for lunch, there's one place that will never let you down: a deli. Whether you want to design your own sandwich or trust the process by sampling a sandwich straight off the menu, you're sure to find a meal you'll enjoy.

Cheapism searched the country to find the most famous deli sandwich in each state. According to the site:

"Whether it's a classic Jewish or Italian deli or a more new-school artisanal shop, your sandwich should be made carefully with the best ingredients, which often come from a family recipe — and let's not forget the all-important pickle on the side."

So which restaurant has the most famous deli sandwich in North Carolina?

The Fried Turkey Sandwich Shop

With three locations around the state, you're never too far from the best deli sandwich in North Carolina. Though The Fried Turkey Sandwich Shop has plenty of options to choose from, the Turkey Day gives you a chance to have your favorite Thanksgiving dishes all in one sandwich.

Here's what Cheapism had to say:

"The debate between potato and pasta salad isn't the only one that gets people fired up. It's hungry work waiting for the North Carolina debate over the best barbecue pork sandwich — chopped (Eastern-style) vs. pulled (Western-style) — to end. Best fortify yourself with a non-controversial treat from The Fried Turkey Sandwich Shop. The shop offers a huge variety of options that uses its deep-fried turkey recipes, but we recommend The Turkey Day with stuffing on buttered Toast and a side of gravy and cranberry sauce."

To see the full list of each state's most famous deli sandwich, check out the report here.

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