Doja Cat Speaks Out On Negative Reactions To Her Shaved Head

By Rebekah Gonzalez

August 7, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

Doja Cat has some thoughts about the negative reactions to her shaving her head and eyebrows. When the singer debuted her completely shaved head and shaved off her eyebrows during an Instagram Live session on Thursday, August 4th, it was met with many positive reactions. However, some people online believe Doja's new look must mean she's going through something and needs help. Headlines like "Doja Cat Goes Full Britney Spears," were also published after her Instagram Live.

The singer spoke out in a video reposted by the Twitter account Pop Base. In the video, Doja addresses the concern her shaved head is getting from certain fans and publications. "Everybody being like, 'You're on drugs,' and 'You're crazy,' and 'What has she done to herself?' and 'You need help,' like 'You need to seek help.' That stuff is so... it's really heavy. It's a heavy thing and it's kind of funny because I always was the person to be like posting dumb s--t on the internet. For f---ing example, I made "MOOO!," she said in reference to her silly and lighthearted 2018 breakout song.

She continued, "I got famous off of that, so it's just funny to me that people are in any way like shocked or taken aback by me being bald and having no eyebrows. Maybe, to be fair, I've always seemed like a thot, like I've always had my ass out and been like sexy and like I rap about sex and so this being," she said motioning to her head and face, "Some people don't see this as very sexual but to me it is. I feel sexy for sure but I understand that. I can see that angle of it but I don't care."

"It's just funny. The second that I get to feeling like I’m free and I feel cool, motherf---ers are like ‘you’re not okay,’ but I’m like chill… If you really have love for me and really are concerned about me I do want you to know that this isn’t a cry for help or an issue of any sort. This is just me.”

Doja Cat
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