Mama Bobcat & 3 Kittens Spotted 'Hanging Out' On Texas Golf Course: WATCH

By Dani Medina

August 10, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

Texas resident Brian Hughes typically spends his days watching golf from the comfort of his backyard which sits on the Gleneagles Country Club in Plano. Last week, however, he saw a sight that wasn't common.

A mama bobcat and her three kittens were spotted hanging out and playing around near the fairway, Hughes told WFAA. He captured videos of the bobcats "to show his grandchildren" and shared them with the news outlet.

"They were playing so much they sometimes fell into the creek water. I was fortunate to see it, and it was awesome to film it," he said.

A Texas Parks and Wildlife spokesperson told WFAA that this occurrence is "pretty rare," but are becoming more common as North Texas grows and "invades natural habitats for the wildcats."

"Bobcats are found throughout North Texas. But we don't want them to get so comfortable around humans that they're regularly hanging out where wild animals aren't supposed to be. We still want to ensure they have a healthy fear of people, and we don't want them making a den in someone's yard," Rachel Richter said.

If you see a bobcat near your backyard, don't feed them — intentionally or unintentionally (aka don't leave any trash out or small pets without supervision).

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