WATCH: Wisconsin Police Hilariously Catch Turkey That Broke Into Apartment

By Taylor Linzinmeir

August 10, 2022

Wild Turkey
Photo: Getty Images

Wisconsin Police recently captured a wild turkey that broke into an apartment in Wausau, Wisconsin, according to WCBD/Storyful. They also released body cam footage of the capture, resulting in a video that is truly priceless.

Wausau police responded to an animal control call after a wild turkey broke a window and became trapped inside an apartment. As they prepared to go in, donning gloves and a large net, one of the officers joked that it shouldn't be too challenging. "It's a turkey, not a tiger," he said. Not convinced, another officer said, "I don't know, dude. Turkeys can be kind of gnarly sometimes."

When the officers entered the apartment, one asked how large the animal was, prompting another to respond with, "Uh... I think it's doable." However, the turkey did not give up without a fight. It can be seen flying around the apartment, slamming into cabinets and walls while attempting to evade the net.

Eventually, the officers were able to confine the turkey to one room in the apartment where they caught the turkey in the net. At that point, one of the officers admitted he didn't quite know what to do next, noting that throwing it out the two-story window would probably not be "mega suitable." They opted to take the turkey outside and set it free on the ground level. Check out the hilarious video of the turkey's capture below.

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